The Rise of the Mini Me

By Little Garms | Comments: 0 | May 11, 2017

Twinning or the Mini-Me, is a new craze that seems to be growing by the day. What exactly do we mean by this? Parents are dressing in matching outfits to their kids. Long gone are the days when we grew up of wearing matching embarrassing outfits to your brother or sister, looking like clones of one another. Now you can match your kid’s look perfectly with your own. This phenomenon has not only been replicated by celebrities such as Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon (pictured below) it has filtered down to high street fashion retailers such as Primark, who have recently released a ‘twinning range.’

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Primark’s new range for mothers and daughters, comprises of many spring and summer staple looks at affordable prices. We love them and think Primark have done so well with this collection. Can’t wait to see whats to follow. Check out some of their matching outfits below.

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We couldn’t mention matching outfits and not take the time to celebrate one of our own. We love this pic of Matt Lyness and his son, posted on our Facebook group ‘Little Garms’ Join our Facebook community to find out more about latest releases and speak with other like minded, fashion conscious parents.



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