The Rise Of The Mini Celebrity Fashionista

By Little Garms | Comments: 0 | January 26, 2017

For years people have looked at celebrities and their incredible outfits in awe, often wondering exactly where each item is from. Every accessory was examined closely down to the jewellery they wore. However, one very important addition was overlooked; their kids. Celebrity kids used to be blurred out by photoshop in nearly every picture in magazines and online. How things have changed.

Now enter: the cult of the mini celebrity fashionista!

Baby celebrities are fashion icons in their own right, demonstrating their personalities and identity from the get-go.

Kids like Suri Cruise, Harper Beckham, Reign Disick and North West to mention just a few; have put many adults’ wardrobes to shame.

Here are our Top 5 Mini Celebrity Looks:

North West in a fabulous fur coat with cap:


Alia Wang’s Black on Black edgy street wear look with handbag to match:


Alicia Keys and Swiss Beat’s son Egypt in a double denim outfit looking too cool for play-school:


Levi McConaughey shows off his own quirky style; hat and boots make this quite the look.


Alaia Rose pulls off femininely tailored looks perfectly



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